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… it is the people’s perception that they have liberty of conscience and freedom to worship that is considered, not that they experience liberty and freedom. As the saying goes, perception is reality.


Magnifying the deception and illuminating the reality.

There is a revelation of knowledge occurring in America today paving the way for a revolution. This revolution need not be a violent one as we seek to open the eyes of those who wish to see the truth. With knowledge comes power and with power there is no need for violence but only intelligent action. With this website you will learn many things showing you how you have been deceived, how your fathers and mothers were deceived, how your grandparents and great-grandparents were deceived. This is not to make you angry, but only to help you realize the deception so the path forward can be easily seen and moved upon.

You have been deceived. You will find within the Knowledge Pyramid on this site, that you have been deceived, how you have been deceived and in some cases why you have been deceived. You will learn the deception has far reaching consequences and by simply understanding this you would have won half the battle of knowledge and understanding. From there we move into learning the truth and where the truth comes from, we hope to teach you the real law, the truth in nature and what that means. Finally you will learn how to apply these things in life and government. Our first and most important objective is that you have an understanding of Common Law and the Grand Jury. The first step is knowledge the second step is action. Knowledge being the Common Law and action being forming the grand juries in each county in the state of Texas. Stick with us, it will be an interesting ride.

The Unmasking

The Unmasking

By Rick Rickoff:

     “I like wolves, actually, and think that wolves have been given an unjustified bad reputation. That’s one reason why I use a wolf as my icon. If you look closely you will see it is a wolf in the sheep’s clothing, and that the words,  ‘The Unmasking,’  are shown. One might misinterpret this as a bad wolf posing as a lamb’s pal in order to get close enough to do harm to that lamb, but that someone has unmasked the wolf and exposed him for what he really is. If you look even closer, though, you will see that the wolf is the one who is taking the mask off. he has seen the advantage of appearing as one of the sheeple – of blending in with the crowd while remaining alert, observant, and keenly aware that the sheep herders (government) have malevolent plans in store for those who remain oblivious sheeple. He knows that there are many other wolves who are also wearing sheep’s clothing, and all of them know that now is the time when they must either unmask and stand together as wolves, or be led to slaughter with those who prefer to be as sheeple.”

By Anna Von Reitz


Excerpt from article

Law of Contract is Void; Law of Covenant is Valid

“Covenants are contracts made by God. There are eight such covenants in the Bible, two that are conditional, “If you…then I…” covenants, and six unconditional unilateral promises that “I will” do this or that, without regard for any action take by men. Covenants are universally true and reliable because God is competent to make contracts. he lives forever. he has the power to do what He wants. He can deliver. And God doesn’t lie.

So there you have it, the reason that covenants which are contracts made by God are valid.

And you now also know why contracts — which are covenants made by Mankind—are not.

Now that you know that no contract you ever signed is valid and know why, you can, if you will, break any contract ever conceived of and the most anyone including the judge can say is, “Go, and do not sin again…”

This is, in fact, what the Jubilee Year is all about.”

Article no. 204

Jubilee Year

The fiftieth “liberty” year occurring on one of Gods annual feast days known as the Day of Atonement. In this time the Gods will is that mens possessions be returned to him.

Is a sacred year, is a time of freedom and celebration when everyone receives back their original property.

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