Step 3. Methods of Freedom


Michael Kearns Method

Free Sovereign and Independent

Anna Von Reitz Method

Anna has a book available called, You Know Something Is Wrong When

Read Paper: 199, 200,  202, 204, 205, 218, 220, 234

Brent Winters Method

Read Brent Winters book, Excellence Of The Common Law

See also paper on this website, Common Law v. Civil Law

Edward Jay Robin Method

He is Canadian but he uses a method somewhat similar to Kearns Method in that he makes rebuts the assumption of the government that he is unable to make decisions for himself. He uses scripture Leviticus and Matthew 18: 15-20 as his form/format for his paper for removing assumption.

Revolution News and Information Web Site.

Exit The Matrix – You Tube Videos.

  1. Video 1.
  2. Video 2. 
  3. Video 3.
  4. Video 4.
  5. Video 5.
  6. Video 6.
  7. Video 7. 


Texas Common Law Grand Juries