Step 5. Capitalization & Corporations

There are a few things that a person can not deny when talking of people and government.

  • That the government is capitalizing names of people since birth.
  • That all things are contracts – if you sign it, it’s a contract.
  • That all government documents that you sign require you to check a box showing your political status or citizenship status, such as Alien, Resident Alien and United States (U.S. Citizen)
  • That contracts are required for you to waive your rights even if not disclosed. Without disclosure there is fraud and all contracts are null and void.

Capitalization and Corporations has to do with contract law. A corporation can contract with a corporation and a human can contract with a human. But a corporation can not contract with a human.

Contract Law. You can read a book called Law of Contract by William T. Brantly published in 1912 here, contracts

A human is turned into a corporation by placing the name in all capitol letters. Read more here. Memorandum_of_Law_on_the_Name

As a member of society and a Citizen of the United States, the government has turned it’s people into employees. Using the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, any Citizen of the United States is “subject to the jurisdiction” therefore when you claim Citizenship of the United States you are subject to the laws, the legislation and the statutes and codes and the rules of the United States in Washington D. C. The Principles of the Law of Contract, under the Section of The Law of Agency on page 504 of the following link, describes the contract law for employers and employees. Click here to read…The PRINCIPLES OF THE LAW OF CONTRACT WITH A CHAPTER ON THE LAW OF AGENCY

The all caps name that is on all your Birth Certificate, IRS forms, Drivers License, Bills, etc. are not you but are your corporate entities.  When you are a corporate entity or an employee of the corporation you come under them, they have flipped the situation around and turned them into the employer and turned you into the employee.

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