Step 3.1 Hartford van Dyke

Hartford van Dyke is an author who has done many talk shows, educating People about banking, currency, mind weapons and more.

He was born in 1940 at Honolulu, Hawaii. His uncle Gerald Mason Van Dyke sent the warning message about the impending Japanese attack on Pearl harbor, Thursday afternoon at 2p.m., December 4, 1941.

In writing what is probably his most well known book, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, he says, The work on SWFQW began about October 1978 and was published in December 1979. Initially, about 65 copies of the book were sent out to various people and organizations. I do not know what happened to most of the copies, but I can fairly well account for one of them, which was given out by hand in early 1980. It was given to a military person, who was late for duty (or was going to be late), at McChord AFB in the state of Washington. He was hitchhiking through Vancouver on I-5 in uniform. Even though I was traveling in my own locality, I drove him to McChord (a two hour trip each way). On the way, I told him about the book SWFQW, and when he stepped out of the car to go onto the base I handed him a copy. I did not make any further general effort to publicize SWFQW until after 1986. I did give out copies to local friends between 1979 and 1986.”

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